The corona crisis is jeopardising the fundamental attributes that define urban life: diversity, density, social proximity and human exchange. The very structure of the economic system that our lives are embedded in seems to be at stake. Cities and places, as territories of our daily life, will emerge differently from this pandemic. Our goal is to shape that emergent future in the best possible collective way. We want to inspire possible futures that leave no one behind; futures located as far away as possible from totalitarian dystopias based on fear, exclusion and control. It would be a missed opportunity if cities do not emerge from this crisis as more inclusive, empowering, healthy, equitable and sustainable.
Public Space
AfterCovid.City explores critical topics that shape places and influence the experience of citizens. Within each theme, both meanwhile actions (which address the crisis in the interim), and future actions (which examine long-term transformations in cities) will be explored. These include: Public Space
& housing and planning: design, management, inclusion and ‘better’ density.
& social infrastructure: civic initiatives, crisis management, safety and accessibility, placemaking and the ‘commons’.
& mobility and accessibility: accessibility, active transport (walking and biking) and public transport.
& culture: physical and digital venues/platforms, night-time economy, funding, access and creative production.
& digital city: democracy over data, infrastructure, digital inclusion and technology.
& living and jobs: universal income, the care economy, post-growth economies, post-tourism, re-industrialisation, (big) infrastructures and mutual aid.
& creative bureaucracy: participation, collaboration, diplomacy and the role of institutions.
& health and well-being: adaptation and prevention for the next pandemic, public health, system ownership, sports and mental health.
& climate action: climate adaptation, mitigation, ecosystem stability, democracy and decentralised solutions.
Placemaking Europe
A network of 500+ professionals around Europe, from mayors to developers and activists across a diversity of European countries. A network which promotes place-led development at the human scale, inspired by the interaction between buildings, streets and citizens.
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