• What is AfterCovid.City?

    AfterCovid.City is an online initiative & festival, with hyper-local events in our partner cities, celebrating social proximity in times of physical distance, reclaiming the role of people and places to shape a post-covid world for the better.
  • Who is the team behind AfterCovid.City?

    AfterCovid.City has been instigated by the City of Barcelona (Ajuntament de Barcelona) and Placemaking Europe.
  • It’s online, but also hyper-local... can you explain more?

    Yes, it is both online and hyper-local in cities around Europe and the world. This means it engages small communities within the same city through face-to-face activities, conversations and workshops. At the same time, it also allows people to participate in specific activities and tune into sessions online, so everyone can be part of the community no matter where they are.
  • How do I get a ticket?

    You can book your ticket using this direct link
  • How much does a ticket cost?

    As we are dedicated to ensuring that this festival is inclusive and welcoming for all, the tickets are pay-what-you-can! :) We motivate you to pay what you are able to based on your situation and consider adding more for those that do not have the means to contribute anything monetary donation to offset our hours and production costs.
  • What is in the email that I get confirming my ticket?

    Once you have made your donation and reserved your ticket from AfterCovid.City, you will receive a confirmation email stating your reservation has been confirmed. You will receive a login and password to access the festival on the app around two weeks before the event. The email will also contain the instructions on how to access the streaming app. If you have any questions or can’t seem to find your confirmation, please reach out to hey@aftercovid.city
  • How do I tune in to attend during the event?

    You can tune into the event using the app and logging in with the email address used to reserve your tickets with the unique passcode in your ticket confirmation email.
  • What is the programme for the event?

    Great question! We know you are excited for knowledge sharing, connecting with others, and interactive panels, as are we ;) The specifics of the programme will be released in due time, and the overall programme is outlined below:

    Day 1
    • Partner City Round Table Dialogue
    • Local Placemaking Discussion and Debates in cities all over Europe and beyond
    • Online thematic & momentum building discussions facilitated by Placemaking Europe Board Members

    Day 2

    7 thematic sessions mirroring the natural rhythm of life in the city. Global streaming & hyper-local conference.

    • Cafe & Networking
    • Opening Words
    • Session 1: The Liveable & Lovable City
    • Session 2: The Connected City
    • Lunch
    • Session 3: The Productive City
    • Session 4: Mayors' Dialogue
    • Session 5: The Inclusive City
    • Session 6: The Healthy City
    • Session 7: The Vibrant City
    • Closing Words
    • After Hours DJ Set - Party & celebration

    Day 3
    • Hyper-local workshops in Partner Cities
    • Hyper-local tactical urbanism in Partner Cities
    • Drafting the AfterCovid.City Charter Workshop

    For general questions, please contact

    Marta Popiolek

    For city partnerships, please contact

    Ramon Marrades

  • What is the AfterCovid.City Charter?

    A co-created charter for public space for recovery will be based on the research, contribution from speakers and workshops applying the same methodology across all participating cities. This charter will include policy commitments for recovery in relation to housing and planning, social infrastructure, mobility and accessibility, culture, digital city, living and jobs, creative bureaucracy, health and wellbeing and climate action; we seek to motivate decision makers into positive action for our post-covid cities.
  • When will more speakers’ names be released?

    Speakers’ names are released in the months leading up to the festival date. Please check back regularly and keep your eyes out for our updates in the newsletter, the website, and our social media platforms. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we hone the programme further and align shared interests with our valued speakers.
  • How do I get involved as an individual?

    • Participate in leading up webinars, discussions, and online events.
    • Take the online survey geared at researching how cities have been reacting to the pandemic.
    • Share a great story, intervention or tool. Do you have a best practice that helped shape your city for the better in response to the pandemic? Or even an intervention that tried out a public space strategy with reflections on how it went and some key lessons? We’d love to know! Your story can be officially included in AfterCovid.City on our communication channels, during a leadup event, and within the core main day programme. To share a great story or intervention in AfterCovid.City, email us.
    • Register to attend the festival on September 15, 16 and 17, 2021.
    • Partake in the AfterCovid.City Charter Workshop during the main event - you can organise this yourself with collaborators in your network or area, and share your input to the global audience at the end of the workshop.
    • Organise a local watch party. Throughout the three days of events, tune in with a hyper-local watch party in your city square, park, venue, rooftop, etc. You can do this at a variety of scales, whether that be with local sponsors and AV equipment, or more grassroots using your phones and the AfterCovid.City app to stream the main day sessions. If you have any questions on how to organise a watch party for AfterCovid.City, email us.
    • Test public space tools yourself. Join in the tactical tool testing moment in your city! We will present a handful of tool application options and manuals for the entire AfterCovid.City that you can choose from and try out in a specific context. Even better, live share pics and updates about how your public space intervention is going to the festival's socials. From this practical exercise, we are excited to learn from your reflections and experience in order to get feedback into our network's tool development and also incorporate it into the city strategies shaping the post-covid world. If you would like to test tactical placemaking tools in your city during AfterCovid.City, email us.
    • Share the AfterCovid.City movement and festival on your digital platforms:

    @aftercovid.city @placemaking_europe #placemaking4recovery #aftercovidcity

    Check out the “Get involved” section on our website and for any further questions, contact us at hey@aftercovid.city!
  • How do I get involved to represent my city?

    Propel the quality of your city's physical public space, social community cohesion, and organisational processes forward through intimate and directed cross-city exchanges and collaboratively work on your local challenges for sustainable solutions!

    For more information on how to become a partner city in AfterCovid.City, contact:

    Ramon Marrades
    AfterCovid.City Project Leader,
    Director of Placemaking Europe


  • How do I spread the word to my network?

    Share the AfterCovid.CIty movement and festival on your digital platforms.

    Please use these tags and hashtags as follows to tap into our message:

    @aftercovid.city, @placemaking_europe, #placemaking4recovery , #placemakingeurope, #aftercovidcity

    Here is a caption you can use and make your own! Please fill in the < > to make your own :)

    Join < me > at the @AfterCovid.City Festival September 15-17, a hybrid distributed festival instigated by @barcelona_cat and @placemaking_europe celebrating social proximity in times of physical distance to reclaim the role of cities, places, and people in shaping our post-covid future. < I/we/org name > are most looking forward to < XXX > session and learning about < XXX >.

    AfterCovid.City wants to inspire possible futures which leave no-one behind. As humanity, we should aim to thrive and not just survive.

    #AfterCovidCity #placemakingeurope #placemaking4recovery

  • Who can I reach out to to get more information?

    For general questions, please contact

    Marta Popiolek

    For city partnerships, please contact

    Ramon Marrades