There are a number of ways you can get involved with AfterCovid.City:
  • Participate in the survey
    In the coming months leading up to October 2021, we are conducting in-depth research to understand the baseline of our cities, as well as requirements for high-quality life in a post-covid world. We are actively reaching out to experts in the field to speak to varied representations for viewpoints, experiences, cultures, races, and identities. We encourage you to participate and share the survey with your network.

    You can find the survey here.
  • Share a great story or intervention
    Do you have a best practice that helped shape your city for the better in response to the pandemic? Or even an intervention that tried out a public space strategy with reflections on how it went and some key lessons? We’d love to know! Your story can be officially included in AfterCovid.City on our communication channels.

    To share a great story or intervention in AfterCovid.City, email us.
  • Organise a local watch party
    Organise a local watch party for our AfterCovid.City upcoming events. With Superilla Barcelona, you can tune in with a hyper-local watch party in your city square, park, venue, rooftop, etc. throughout the three days of programmed panels, debates, and exciting key notes. You can do this as it suits you best; at a variety of scales, whether that be with local sponsors using AV equipment, or more grassroots using phones to stream the main day sessions.

    If you have any questions on how to organise a watch party for AfterCovid.City, email us.
  • Join in co-creating the AfterCovid.City Charter
    Participate in this co-creation workshop applying the same methodology across all cities to compose a global AfterCovid.City Charter. Logistically, these will be hyper-local workshops in different cities bringing together stakeholders to co-create important points for their AfterCovid.City - each city has its own unique charter that contributes to one common globally shared charter.

    If you would like to join a co-creation session in October 2021, email us.
  • Test tactical placemaking tools in your city
    Test public space tools yourself. Join in to tactically test placemaking tools in your city! We will share a handful of tool application options and manuals that you can choose from and try out in your specific context. From this practical exercise, we are excited to learn from your reflections and experience in order to get feedback into our network's tool development and also incorporate it into a globally oriented strategy to shape the post-covid world. If you would like to test tactical placemaking tools in your area city, surrounding the Superilla Barcelona dates, or anytime, email us. We would be pleased to collaborate with you and feature your implementation and insights on our blog.

    If you would like to test tactical placemaking tools linked with the AfterCovid.City initiative in your city, email us.
  • Become an official partner
    You will propel the quality of your city's physical public space, social community cohesion, and organisational processes forward by becoming an official city partner. Partner cities host and assist in curating an event or session of AfterCovid.City, benefit from priority spots in communications, access solution-oriented collaborative workshops, and participate in exclusive activities between international, top-level city representatives, among other perks.

    Not a city representative?

    AfterCovid.City also welcomes sponsoring partnerships. For more information on how to become a partner in AfterCovid.City contact:

    Ramon Marrades
    AfterCovid.City Project Leader,
    Director of Placemaking Europe