Placemaking as a city wide endeavour
Event By Alice Bazzica 3 months ago
What can we learn from the city of Helsingborg about creating successful places and strengthening communities? If you are looking for the perfect creative oasis as a placemaker, you can indeed find that in the city of Helsingborg during the H22 city conference.

During this 35-days-long event the city of Helsingborg invites the world to explore new twists on a sustainable city that celebrates all life and truly presents every visitor with endless activities, with the primary goal to sustain a long-term investment in innovation and people. 

This conference is intended for the curious and innovative minds, for city changers facing climate and social challenges and for innovators everywhere interested in the latest tech and the sustainable city.

In this blog-post, the team at Placemaking Europe proposes their top-pick events and give some suggestions on what to do in Helsingborg!

The placemaker’s top-picks in Oceanhammen

Do you have a breakthrough idea, but lack a space where to realise it and show it to the world? Helsingborg has the perfect test-bed space available for you! You can rent (for free) a 10×10-metre pixel area in the Pixla Piren and bring your ideas to life! Being it an urban farm or a live event, now you can have a place to do so in the beautiful and creative meeting ground of Oceanhammen. You can also apply for a monetary grant to realise your project by sending an email to

Another amazing initiative, revolving around the creation of equal public space is the People’s Walk in Oceanhammen. As the city of Helsingborg is experiencing ageing population challenges like participation in public life and spaces, they propose this workshop which takes place on the laneway itself, where you as a visitor can create personal features that will be used to build the People’s Walk; with the purpose of rendering it a more inclusive space. 

Co-creation Initiatives

Do your interests revolve around co-creation in cities and how to involve residents and citizens in co-creative processes? Take some time to pass by the Gåsebäck fire station. This project’s goal is to include citizens of Helsingborg and the workers at the Gåsebäck in a co-creative effort. Together, a common power and vision for Gåsebäck will be developed by following an organic way of working and co-creation processes. 

If you are dreaming of creating and modifying how the public space around you would look like, definitely pass by the square of the future in Drottninghög. This futuristic and technologically innovative initiative lets you arrange the square’s appearance and the order of the furniture as you like, thanks to augmented reality. You can contribute to the final proposal of the square’s appearance together with city planners during numerous workshops. Here you can find the schedule and information.

On a more tactical urbanism’s note, the mobile park initiative is an amazing way of understanding how we can move towards a sustainable city, however by bringing to the fore also the costs associated with that, by making citizens aware of such costs.

The trees will be displayed and stored in the city as they grow, and give people a hint of how that area could look before making it permanent. 
Initiatives suitable for Kids

H22 is an incredible opportunity to include children and play into a city-wide, inclusive strategy. At the playful traffic school in Oceanhamnen, children can get a driving licence while learning more about what a sustainable society means. If you are all about interactive soundscapes, you cannot miss the sound safari in Dockanparken. Children and everyone else can experience how the soundscape contributes to a multi-sensory sense of a place. Lastly, don’t forget to have a stroll down play lane. Here, the idea is to test and try different ways to encourage people of all ages to be playful and active during what would otherwise be a boring walk.

Mental Health and Quality of Life

If you are interested in how mental health can be integrated into the city, pass by the friendship benches. These are thought to be a place shedding a light onto mental health–breaking away from the negative stigma associated with mental illnesses and suicide. During the conferences six ambassadors and their stories about mental health will be publicly shared, as well. Another initiative, centred around creating a friendly city that is able to sustain people affected by cognitive disorders, is the Dementia-friendly walking trail in Mariastaden.

OPS Meeting Place

Do not miss out on the OPS pavilion: an alternative and spontaneous meeting place in Oceanhammen with smart solutions, shelter, and unexpected experiences. Within the pavilion you will find a whole section dedicated to experiencing the ocean through some binoculars connected to a 180° camera which allows you to have visual interactions with the bottom of the ocean, more information available here. On the other hand, if you are more into the acoustic side of things you can check out the audiovisual experience at OPS, where ambient music is triggered in real time by climate and weather data using IoT technology. 

Interestingly enough, from the OPS pavilion you can also discover how renewable energy can be generated from a solar and wind power plant in the shape of a tree, displaying the amount of energy generated by that single plant–more information available over here.

We hope we stimulated and tickled your interests with this short post about the H22 happening in Helsingborg! Therefore, come and visit us on the 15th and 16th of June!

You can find all the additional information regarding our event over here, meanwhile over here you can know more about tickets and registration to the event. Only a few days left for registration! 

In addition to our two-day event, we would like to feature another event happening in parallel to our session organised and held by Nordic Place Branding Conference: Creating more attractive places in a post-covid world. NPBC is the largest annual Nordic event for economic development and marketing of places. The conference focuses on what different places around the world do to earn a good reputation, and it features best practices from cities, regions, and countries in the Nordics and globally. Do not miss the opportunity to go visit them and learn about the latest strategies on place development and marketing for places.

See you in Helsingborg!