Shifting Paradigm: the impact of Covid-19 on transport planning
Transport By Transform Transport 3 months ago
The booklet "Shifting Paradigm: the impact of Covid-19 on transport planning" is a structured collection of the most insightful investigations developed by Transform Transport, the research unit of Systematica, since the Covid-19 outbreak.

The unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic has given rise to a large cultural and technical debate on upcoming new forms of urban development and mobility in an attempt to envision potential trajectories of new paradigms and keep up with the pace of our changing cities.

Through innovative city reading instruments, multi-dimensional urban metrics and deep learning techniques, this publication explores the dense network of sidewalks as well as the actual accessibility to urban parks, other key components of the public realm and essential services. Calibrated on the city of Milan, this metric can be replicated in all global cities, with the aim of mapping urban structural gaps and inform effective intervention strategies.

This contribution to better cities through research might seem minimal however we firmly believe that developing new methods for reading the status quo will increase awareness and the sensitivity of our planning tools, thus paving the way for a gradual and everlasting change to the practice of urban and transportation planning.

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The full booklet is available online here.

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Transform Transport

Transform Transport is Systematica’s research unit focused on innovative mobility solutions. While mobility and transport related technologies are emerging with increasingly fast paced, Transform Transport explores how they can have positive impacts on our cities, neighborhood and buildings. Founded by Systematica, it grounds on 30 years of experience in the field of transport planning and mobility engineering, investigating the future of Milan and other cities worldwide.


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