The restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the need for urban development that fosters proximity and reinforces the attributes that define urban life: Diversity, density and human exchange.

What is “Superilla Barcelona”

Open Talks Superilla Barcelona consists of three days of inspiration and collective reflection on cities after COVID. A crossroads of people and ideas, from near and far, to improve the quality of life of people and public space without leaving anyone behind.

We invite professionals, activists, researchers, public service workers and anyone interested in sharing visions, insights and initiatives around the future of cities.


Over the course of the three-day Open Talks Superilla Barcelona, we will discuss and examine the role of public space for recovery, touching on both ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ with the aim of bringing insights into practice.

We will collectively identify what it takes for a city to thrive and look at how to create urban environments based on a strong social fabric, stable economic structures, innovative, easy-to-access bureaucracy models, sustainable transportation systems and more.

The programme consists of a number of sessions that, while focusing on a particular subject related to the urban sphere, discuss the issues both from a theoretical approach and case study analysis.

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Ajuntament de Barcelona

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Host and organiser, Open Talks Superilla Barcelona

The flagship of Mediterranean urbanism and progress. Leader in urban thought and action.

Placemaking Europe

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Programming and curation, Open Talks Superilla Barcelona

A network of 500+ professionals around Europe, from mayors to developers and activists across a diversity of European countries. A network which promotes place-led development at the human scale, inspired by the interaction between buildings, streets and citizens.
The Charter

With the AfterCovid.City initiative, we want to bring together the world’s leading urban experts to explore what we have learned from the pandemic and how we can use these lessons to improve our cities. In October, we invite you to participate in the co-creation workshops to work with urban experts from different sectors to create the "The Charter of Public Space for Recovery" in your city.

This workshop is designed to gather and reflect on your city's experience during the pandemic and to reaffirm the commitments that the city needs to make to ensure post-pandemic recovery, with a focus on public space. The local reflections and findings are summarised by the AfterCovid.City team in the joint document "The Charter of Public Space for Recovery", a tool for collaboration and global engagement to improve the quality of people's lives and public space in the cities of the future.

How can I attend?

There are two ways to participate in Open Talks Superilla Barcelona as an audience: in person and digitally. Superilla Barcelona will have a limited number of seats available in the Espai Fossat del Mercat de Sant Antoni, while the digital access ticket will allow access to all video sessions in real time.

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Raquel Rolnik, Mirik Milan, Kate Raworth, Mike Lydon, Francesca Bria and more...

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Espai Fossat – Mercat de Sant Antoni

Carrer del Comte Urgell, 1 - 08011 Barcelona

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