The Return of the Roaring City
Public space By Marta Popiolek 2 months ago

Today we would like to share with you this very inspirational and insightful report, which was developed by the Pop-Up City – an Amsterdam- based urban transformation agency, exploring the trends that shape the city of tomorrow, and Unlocked – a platform seeking to revive unique urban and heritage spaces.

"We created this trend report to show a glimpse of a future fluid city, and how a new notion of space use will be the driving force for the urban events industry in a post-COVID world."

The Return of the Roaring City. How the Post-COVID Events Boom Will Revive Real-Life Space explores the future of cities and the features on which they will be based. It analyses the time revolution imagined for urban spaces in regard to the changing trends and demands in real estate, culture and the city. It investigates how to create cities that are more sustainable, resistant and what’s more, also more exciting to live in by focusing on adaptability and flexibility.

"The future of space is hybrid. It’s an art gallery. It’s a yoga studio. It’s someone’s 30th birthday party. It’s all of the above. It’s whatever people want it to be."

You can download the report here and definitely check out this work by Pop-Up City and Unlocked!