The Initiative By AfterCovid.City Team 3 weeks ago
Hello there!

Thanks for checking out this very first post on our blog. What can you expect from this space?

As you probably know, AfterCovid.City is an online initiative & festival that celebrates social proximity in times of physical distance, reclaiming the role of people and places to shape a post-covid world for the better. We are a hybrid distributed festival from Barcelona to Europe and beyond, but we are also a place for discussion, collaboration and learning where we can shape possible futures together. 

We would like to use this blog to share global research, best (and worst) practices about public space and cities during Covid, and explore critical issues that shape places and impact the citizen experience. We also offer this space to any contributor who would like to share their ideas and research on public space for recovery. If you would like to contribute to the blog with a great story or intervention, please email us at hey@aftercovid.city.

If you don’t feel like typing, you can also contribute to the AfterCovid.City community by taking (and sharing!) our online survey to find out how cities have been responding to the pandemic. The results will be released ahead of the main event, on September 15-17, and will help start conversations in our digital and hyper-local communities.

Thanks again for participating with us. Let’s incorporate these findings into the After Covid Cities of the world.


The AfterCovid.City team